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Learn why getting your blood sugar under control involves much more than eating fewer carbs.


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Free 3-Part Mini-Series

Getting Your Blood Sugar under Permanent Control involves much more than eating less Carbs


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If you have Type 2 Diabetes, you have probably been told to eat less carbs, and have chosen or have been sold on one of many diets to follow. The truth is that most of these diets can be effective, and most of these diets can fail. Getting control of your diabetes can be achieved with may eating plans, but these videos will show you a more in depth pathway to controlling diabetes and blood sugar. 

Video 1

Fueling the Diabetes Recovery

Video 2

Getting Control of Diabetes

Video 3

The AIC Transformation Path

What's inside?

My pathway to becoming a Diabetes Life Coach and what I offer.

I have had diabetes for over 30 years. Learning to be healthy with diabetes has bee a long path which has not always gone smoothly, However at age 71, for me it is now very good health). The food choices you make are important. The particular "diet" you choose can be different for different for different people but can be a vehicle of success that has at its core, daily efforts to change your mindset and ask yourself the right questions each day about what actions you can take to increase your daily energy, keep your blood sugar at a healthy level, and eliminate or substantially reduce the fear that diabetes can cause emotionally.

Your endocrinologist or physician will diagnose you, discuss and perhaps prescribe meds, make suggestions about diet and exercise, and send you home.

Some diabetes coaches are endocrinologists. I am not. I converse with top endocrinologists regularly and usually recommend you see an endocrinologist. I speak your language as a person who has the experience of having been where you are. I understand all that is needed to regain better health in a way that is emotionally, spiritually and physically life supporting.

What my students are saying

You're not alone, and you're in good company!

Janet D.

"When my doctor told me I had Type 2 diabetes, I immediately became depressed. I never thought a disease like this would be something I would face.

My doctor gave me a prescription for metformin, told me to change my diet and reduce carbs, and exercise more, and sent me on my way... I was in a panic.

When I saw Joel's FB page I immediately connected with him and shortly thereafter signed up for one small program that helped me get a fresh start. It was a cleanse geared towards people with diabetes.

One of the things I like about Joel's program is that he does not promote radical changes and works with you wherever your starting point is.

I quickly moved into another program that was geared towards lowering my A1C. In the 7week program, my a1c went from 9.2 to 6.8.

His program is more than diet and exercise. He focuses on reducing stress in many ways and I found his program incredibly effective. I am very grateful."

Free Mini-Series

As a man who has had Type 2 diabetes for 30 years my mission is to help people get and maintain good health. Some people talk of reversing diabetes, others talk about improving their health.

The truth is that some people can reach a point where, upon being tested they do not register as having diabetes, while others can substantially improve their health. My mission is to guide and inspire people to do their best and regain better health.

I have been remarkably successful in helping people gain remarkable health.