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Hello! I'm Joel Steinberg

As a Type 2 Diabetes Life Coach, I provide the tools you will need to gain control of your blood sugar, and your life.  By joining our Facebook group, Diabetes Transformation, you will take the first step to be part of a Diabetes Community and transform your medical and life situation.

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Diabetes is what I know, and I love to serve and inspire others.

As a Diabetes Life Coach, I can help you empower yourself with the essential tools to level up, and lower your A1C and get healthy.  You will find a community of people that will support you in your new journey.  By joining our Facebook Group, Diabetes Transformation, you will be taking your first step toward better health.


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Getting Started with Lowering Your A1C and Daily Blood Sugar


How I Can Help You to Manage Diabetes With or Without Medication

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 Getting Started With Regaining or Maintaining Great Health With Type 2 Diabetes


When we are first Diagnosed with or first realize its time to regain or maintain great health despite having Type 2 Diabetes, often a it of panic sets in. Relax! We guide you in the process of achieving great health and its not that difficult! Rapid weight loss or rapid lower blood glucose may seem helpful but the real key is building new habits and a mindset shift

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Long-Term Change: A1C Pivot Transformation  Program


I am 74 Years old, and have maintained an A1c under 6 for the last 5 years. and have had Type 2 for 35 years. I have great health I take medication. You may or may not need medication. Keeping your blood sugar under control is most important. You can do this and usually without radical changes .Let us show you the way


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Foundational Learning: Insulin Sensitivity / Insulin Resistance


Gaining control of Type 2 Diabetes requires understanding how sensitive your body is to the Insulin it creates. Medication is often necessary when your Beta cells over time lose function and you don't produce as much insulin and insulin resistance occurs before improvements in lifestyle take hold and you are not as responsive as you will soon be to the insulin you do produce becoming more sensitive to the insulin you produce

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Learn More: Insulin Sensitivity


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Joel is a great Diabetes Life Coach. He is unique in that doesn't focus on any one diet, and he doesn't think perfection is a realistic goal. He realizes that trying too hard and being too restrictive usually leads to binging. The new mindset I have developed has lead to incredible success. I am grateful.

~Jim Altman